Bezmaksas onlaina šahs, spēlēt šahu tagad ar skaidru interfeisu. Bez reģistrācijas, bez reklāmas, nav vajadzīgi plagini. Spēlēt šahu pret datoru, draugu vai nejaušu pretinieku.
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 Hourly Blitz 50m  2
 Callahan  3+0 Rated 30m  2/4
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  1. Atomic game matt sometimes does't works LukeSurl There is no error here. In atomic chess you cannot be in check or chec […]
  2. Puzzle #58682 vstiff gxh6 is a clear win even with primitive moves after it: http://en.lich […]
  3. Atomic game matt sometimes does't works WMage Like in game: at move 34. he got […]
  4. Chess 2 / Echecs 2 (by David Sirlin) Darkyben Chess2 is an awesome variant, probably one of the most creative and in […]
  5. Takeback after checkmate runpawnrun Agree with both #1 and #2.
  6. Takeback after checkmate geobadger I absolutely agree with this. Also I'd like a way to have practice gam […]
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  8. Lichess app' mobile beta Clarkey […]
  9. Lichess app' mobile beta Solal35 Hi Installing the beta application is impossible while it is indica […]
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  11. Hour by hour rating rather tha […] bbyd Yea, so instead on the user profile page, it would display the graph b […]
  12. 1) Evaluation at the end of co […] LM Assios The computer evaluation for the variation they supply is the evaluatio […]
  13. Puzzle #58682 hitsujyun Puzzle #58682
  14. Puzzle #58682 hitsujyun 1.gxh6 Kxf3 2.h7 Bxb3 3.h8=Q d3 The variation is also win for white. […]
  15. antichess top 100 rankings chesssky2 I would like to know if there any top 100 antichess rankings? or any o […]
  16. Crazyhouse Chess ChessWhiz If variants are programmed well, I think Thibault would probably be wi […]
  17. I create a Lichess group at facebook Scala Friends join the group!!!
  18. Analsysis vs. Stockfish Legit-Lobster The Analysis button is there for me, it must be a bug.
  19. 1) Evaluation at the end of co […] Legit-Lobster I second this.
  20. Takeback after checkmate Legit-Lobster When playing against the computer, it's possible to take back moves. H […]
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